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Vertebroplasty/Kyphoplasty: Candidates for this treatment option include patients with an vertebral compression fracture (collapse of vertebra) most often caused by osteoporosis, trauma and sometimes tumors.This is a safe and effective outpatient procedure that offers rapid relief, increased mobility, improved  quality of life and low complications. 

HydroDiscectomy: A minimally invasive treatment for patients with herniated discs. The procedure uses a high-speed water stream to remove damaged or protruding spinal disc tissue which relieves nerve pressure that causes back and radiculopathy (leg pain).

Genicular Nerve Block:  Candidates for this type of block include patients who have knee pain from various causes including: degenerative osteoarthritis, ligament damage, or continued pain after knee replacement. Genicular nerves are the sensory nerves that transmit pain signals from the knee to the brain. Blocking the Genicular Nerves interrupts the pain signals from the knee to the brain.

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